Samsung RB195ABWP 19 cu. ft. Bottom Refrigerator

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bargain! Samsung : RB195ABWP 19 cu. ft. Bottom Mount Refrigerator - White Pearl

Samsung : RB195ABWP 19 cu. ft. Bottom Mount Refrigerator - White Pearl

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This refrigerator is garbage. It broke within the first 2 months. I lost all the food in the fridge because it failed overnight and when I woke up everything was warm. Hundreds of dollars worth of food in the garbage. To make matters worse it's going to take Samsung 3 weeks to get the parts to fix it. So I paid $900 for a fridge I can't use, lost over $200 dollars worth of food when it failed, and now I cant buy any food because I have no place to store it. HORRIBLE service by Samsung because they don't have the parts readily available to fix their products. I could not regret buying this refrigerator anymore, and now I'm stuck with it. Samsung makes great TVs, but horrible refrigerators. Buyers should avoid.

More Info: Bargain! Samsung : RB195ABWP 19 cu. ft. Bottom Mount Refrigerator - White Pearl

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